About BtO-SIO

Beyond the Obituaries – SIO” is a blog designed by 7 NSF-IGERT students at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography.  The students conducted a survey of marine conservationists at the 2011 International Marine Conservation Congress in Victoria, Canada.  The goal of the study is to explore how conservationists view success, and how their views vary according to several factors including profession, education and region.  This work is intended to inform the “Beyond the Obituaries” (or BtO) movement (see below) regarding how the international marine conservation community perceives success.  At the IMCC, the BtO-SIO group received nearly 400 survey responses, interviewed over a dozen global leaders in conservation, and are now analyzing the data, developing a short film and constructing a website to help jump-start the BtO movement.

From left to right: Elizabeth Keenan, Carolina Bonin, Matt Leslie, Tessa Pierce, Cotton Rockwood, Brian Zgliczynski, and Levi Lewis

Beyond the Obituaries” is a recent movement among marine scientists to highlight success stories in marine conservation.  The movement was founded by Drs. Nancy Knowlton and Jeremy Jackson who’ve written numerous well-cited papers about the rapid degradation and collapse of coral reefs, fisheries and ecosystems, in general.  The BtO movement is an effort to change the field of marine conservation away from the sense of “doom and gloom” and the glut of research that simply writes & re-writes the obituaries of nature; and  toward a sense of “hope and change”  and a new collection of papers & research that highlight past successes and seek new solutions.

Dr. Jeremy Jackson

Dr. Nancy Knowlton


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