BtO History & Links

In Feb 2009, Jeremy Jackson hosted a session on “Beyond the Obituaries:  Successful Fish Stories in Ocean Conservation” at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) in Chicago, IL.  A press release and interview with Jeremy regarding this BtO session are available HERE on the SIO website.

In May 2009, the first Beyond the Obituaries session was held at the Smithsonian Institution, Washing D.C., in conjunction with the first International Marine Conservation Congress (IMCC).  A schedule of speakers is available HERE and several of presentations and a panel discussion are available HERE on YouTube.

In January 2011, Nancy Knowlton moderated a session on “Marine Ecosystem Success Stories” at the 11th National Council on Science, Policy and the Environment (NCSPE). Speakers included Steve Palumbi (Stanford), Rom Lipcius (VIMS), Kathryn Mengerink (SIO & Env. Law Inst.), and David Helvarg (Blue Frontier Campaign).  David Helvarg wrote a short column (“Some Good News“) about the experience on his blog.

In February 2011, Nancy Knowlton and Jeremy Jackson wrote a beautiful piece in the Solutions Journal about Beyond the Obituaries.  Read it HERE.

In May 2011, another BtO session on Marine Success Stories was held during the 2nd International Marine Conservation Congress.

During the May 2011 BtO session, John Hocevar (Green Peace) spoke about Green Peace’s successes in conservation.  He followed up with a passionate post about the BtO session, available HERE on the Green Peace Website.

John Hocevear, Green Peace, spoke about success at the 2011 IMCC

In June, 2011, Jeremy Jackson and Nancy Knowlton both gave lectures about success in conservation at Stockholm University, Sweden.

A great post about these lectures can be viewed HERE on the Sustainable Development Update (SDU) website.  The post indicates that the highlight of the session was when a 10 yr old Ta’Kaiya Blaney performed her song “Shallow Waters.”   It is a beautiful song about protecting the ocean…see below:


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